hen we talk about one of the greatest YouTube channels we all need to include Sam Evans’s channel in the list right?

After hours of research, we find Sam Evans’s equipment a really interesting option when we are talking about the weight we carry on with us because most of the time he’s using GoPros but we realize that he’s making the most out of them. Sam Evans created his YouTube channel in 2015 he became a YouTube superstar with his high-quality GoPro videos.

We bring the Sam Evans equipment: 

Sam is currently using GoPros with different accessories all the time which is why we’re gonna be talking mostly about GoPro’s accessories in this post.

Now let’s jump right to it…

GoPro Hero 6 Black

Source: Sam Evans Channel YouTube

Sam Evans GoPro

GoPro Hero6 Black

High quality video and also light to pack

This is one of Sam's first pick when we talk about traveling

We talk a lot about GoPros on this blog but you know there’s always something more to say about GoPro’s because of all the smart work that’s inside those little cameras.

We highly recommend GoPro 6 for a lot of reasons, we have been talking in other articles that it’s always a smart choice to look up to. The ability to shoot 4k footage at 60mps (that’s something actually new because older versions went to 30mps only) gives us an endless list of opportunities.

We do know that it has poor image quality in low light, but besides that, we do not have any other observation for this camera.

Canon DSLR Canon EOS-1D X mark III

This is Sam’s Main camera:

Source: Sam Evans equipment YouTube

Canon DSLR Canon EOS-1D X mark III

We saw an interview with Sam Evans where he was actually talking about his favorites cameras and answering questions like ‘’if you could only take one camera with you for a trip which camera would be?’’ For that particular question he started talking about the 1D X Mark III calling it his ‘’ main weapon’’, and that’s it because it’s a very complete camera, a little bit heavy but an excellent choice if you want to take your content to another level.

The 1D X Mark III its actually very expensive but if you take a look at the specifications of this camera you will understand why we are talking about that amount of money

Incredible build quality, huge battery life, 20fps with electronic shutter Wi-Fi and ethernet connexion make this camera a great deal for anyone inside the business, this camera is made for pros that can’ miss no shoots, especially for those who work covering sports, world news or wildlife for a long period of time, that’s why the battery helps so much.

This camera is Sam’s favorite pick up option for any travel, and now we understand why, but let’s jump into the next one 


Sony A7R III

The Sony a7R II is a great camera with a great price too, it has a lot of tools for you to work with but still maintaining the simplicity that characterizes Sony since a lot of time ago.

4K video full sensor, 61.2 MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor, just to mention a few characteristics of this awesome camera, we understand why most of the youtube bloggers these days are currently using Sony A7 cameras.

Some people say that this camera poses a small body that can actually provide you some problems when we are talking about handling a big lens. Sam has a big connection with this camera he actually wins his first Sony a7 from a friend he was working with, in the interview we saw he said that he couldn’t believe it and that he practically receive the camera in tears, but if you stop to think for a second, that’s the kind of gift that would make anybody start crying of excitement right?

Sam's Vlog Camera

Sony A7R III

Easy acces and customizable menu

Number one option for vlogging footage


We do know that Sam Evans is actually using a lot of accessories on his GoPros, we highly recommend for those who are starting using GoPros to try using different mounts every time, because that gives you an opportunity to play with different shoots, and make your content more interesting.

We bring you a little list of the accessories that Sam uses the most 

-CHEST MOUNT (highly recommended for surf skate climbing etc)

-HEAD MOUNT (recommended for skydiving)

-DRONE (Here at The Unboxings we’re fans of DJI Drones, so we recommend them)

-SELFIE STICK (Important to be very resistant, waterproof etc)

-HAND MOUNT (it can be a really interesting tool if you know how to use it)

Alright that’s it.

Alright, that’s was all folks!

We will continue bringing the latest equipment that your favorite YouTubers or vloggers are actually using, see you in the next post!



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