e all dream of being sailing all around the globe right? but it’s more interesting if you have the right equipment to make it more interesting. When we talk about Sailing La Vagabonde we are talking about serious vloggers because it is no easy task to begin filming while you are actually sailing on the 7 seven seas with a child on your ship.

Riley Whitelum begins this awesome story right after he decides to leave the oil company he was working in right after he suffered an accident in South America doing bodyboarding on his vacations, then he decided to buy a catamaran without any previous knowledge about how to sail, he actually learned doing it every day.

Riley first sailed to Greece where by chance he met Elayna who was a country girl from Western Australia that was working as a singer. Riley almost immediately convinces her to join him on this around the world sailing adventure, it was at that moment when Elayna started the vlog.

We bring you the Sailing La Vagabonde equipment.

Is no easy task to be filming at the ocean which is why you have to be very wise with the things you are packing, Riley and Elayna are actually using just a few tools to bring life to this great vlog, investing most of the time they have on editing those videos the few tools they have are still powerful ones, and we are to talk about them.

Sailing La Vagabonde Big Camera

Canon EOS 6D

Source: https://shop-lavagabonde.com/collections/products-we-use/filming-equipment

Sailing La Vagabonde Big Camera

Canon EOS 6D

In-Body Image Stabilization

Awesome video and also a great price.

This camera is loved by many and hated by many others. It’s not that the 6D is now a great camera, It’s got great photos and really good quality video and a strong (but not waterproof) build. some people call it a ‘’confused buy’’ 

Most of the time we are talking about really expensive cameras here this one it’s actually cheaper if you compare it to the other cameras we have been talking about here which is why it doesn’t have the best specifications but as we said, It’s still a great camera, especially for those who are starting a vlog these days and don’t necessarily have a lot of money to spend.

When we talk about the image quality we are extremely impressed with the 6D’s photo quality, the image it’s actually beautiful, It delivers excellent JPEG processing and noise reduction, it also poses a great dynamic range, JPEG shots are mostly clean through ISO 800 and still quite good through ISO 1600. 

The 6D default Picture Style setting (Auto) seems more tuned than I’ve seen in older models. The video generally looks good as you can see on their vlog.

The 6D performs pretty well but actually pretty well while making it comparable to the 5d Mark II despite some people saying that 5D is better, we personally prefer the 6D.

Sailing La Vagabonde Mini Camera

Source: https://shop-lavagabonde.com/collections/products-we-use/filming-equipment

Sailing La Vagabonde's Mini Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X

Light-weight powerful camera

Excellent for those trips when you can't have a heavy bag

Sailing La Vagabonde’s Little Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X

The good: deliver excellent photo quality for its class, with a fine lens.

The bad: performance and connectivity implementation don’t impress. some people may miss the hotshot.

The G7 X has some really cool features that are welcome in the G X line, most notably a fast 24-100mm f1.8-2.8 lens with a 9-blade aperture and flip-up touchscreen display. with great photo quality for this kind of camera.

Being actually little this camera has been overestimated because if you invest a little bit of time trying to take the most of this one we can sure you that you’ll get really awesome results.

As we already said, photos look excellent, when we talk about the video it is fine for the most casual use, the G7 X uses a 1-inch Sony sensor. it’s really interesting to see what the photos look like with a different lens and image-processing software. 

Some experts said that the G7 X upholds one of the less admirable traditions of the G series, they also include that the constant lens movement is irritating, and pretty bad battery life, so we recommend the use of external chargers or Power Banks for this one.

Being this little and having a comfortable price it cannot be compared with other cameras that are way more expensive than this one, but it’s all about preferences here.

This is Sailing La Vagabonde GoPro

Source: https://shop-lavagabonde.com/collections/products-we-use/filming-equipment

Sailing La Vagabonde's GoPro

GoPro Hero4 Black

A waterproof powerful option

When the situation gets to dificult but you just want to do it, this is definetely the best option

Sailing La Vagabonde’s GoPro

GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPros are always a wise option for vlogging because we always need that little camera that doesn’t occupy too much space to save our lives at least once time right? 

For this old version, we have nothing more than good things to say because the older models of GoPro have been awesome to this day.

When we talk about the GoPro 4 Black we do understand that some of the new versions got a lot of features that this one doesn’t have but still a great camera if you take most out of it.

The good: The GoPro Hero 4 Black delivers the best video resolution up to 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 120fps. Wide assortment of mounting options from GoPro and third-party manufacturers.

The bad: Battery life isn’t really good honestly, no option for in-camera stabilization and it still needs a hosting to be waterproof. 

GoPro Hero 4 Silver is still our top option for most people, but If you really need the best video quality then the Hero Black is your perfect candidate. 

This is Sailing La Vagabonde’s Mic

Source: https://shop-lavagabonde.com/collections/products-we-use/filming-equipment

If you’re filming while you are navigating the wind it’s actually your #1 nightmare, right? that’s why we are going to talk about the Deadcat Windscreen 

As Riley and Elayna say ‘’while it in is fact hilarious to look at, it knocks out all the wind would otherwise make out audio sound like shite!’’

Being a tool for cutting the wind sound we don’t have to much to say about it different from cameras or something so we share with you the comments that we saw on Amazon:

‘’Works good, but make sure you get the right one’’

‘’Not good over 10mph winds’’

Alright that’s it.

Now you have everything you need to jump into a boat, ship or catamaran and start living a life-time adventure, at least you know that you won’t need to spend a lot of money, just when we are talking about buying a boat but that’s up to you haha! That was everything for this post, see you in a click, thanks for reading!



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