Jon is a very interesting dude, he is a professional freeskier and alpine ski racer also he got this awesome YouTube channel, Jon started his career at a very young age, he got his own tournament Jon Olsson Super Sessions (JOSS) he started his vlog in 2018 Jon travels a lot with his cameraman Benjamin Ortega and with his wife too.

He also got these awesome videos driving sick cars which is a very good thing to catch the public because everybody loves fast cars right?

Jon Is also well known for his invention of several new tricks basically all of them backflips or double flips, like a double flat spin 900 (kangaroo flip)

Actually, Jon is using a lot of cameras and accessories which is why we are only going to mention the most important cameras and accessories that he uses in this post.

He made a lot of success with his daily vlog filming what his everyday life he went to 100.000 subscribers just in the first 2 months, Jon actually donated money to charity 1.000 for every vlog that went off schedule in 2018.

Now let’s talk about Jon’s Set Up!

This is Jon Osslon Big Camera:

Source: Jon Osslon YouTube Channel

Jon Osslon Big Camera

Jon Osslon poses one of the most expensive and powerful cameras of all time, we are talking about the beautiful RED EPIC-W CAMERA. This camera takes the video experience to another level, being capable of making videos in 8k resolution and it really makes great footage of whatever you are shooting.

Jon already uses the Red Epic when he was in Team Overkill. They made a vlog with 8k resolution but they had to go to 4k because there’s no screen able to reproduce 8k yet.

This camera has a price of $29.000 and his camera is fully customized, to this day it doesn’t exist a camera that is perfect for every application but this one really gives you a lot to think about that issue.

For first-time Red users are important to say that the body of this camera is a little bit bigger than the normal cameras normally used for filmmaking, you can also appreciate that there’s a lot of upgrades to the camera system that could make a better user experience but besides that, we do now have any other problem with this camera.

In conclusion, we recommend this camera for professionals filmmakers only because it’s very expensive and honestly, there are a lot of cameras way cheaper than this one that could be also easier for you to use.

Sony A7S II

Source: Jon Osslon YouTube Channel

Jon's Sony Camera

Sony A7S II

High resolution footage

Small and also light being able to record 4K


Jon actually uses this camera a lot, we are huge fans of the Sony A7S II here, and he already talks a lot about this camera on other posts so let’s make this one quick.

The camera also has got a BIONZ x image processor which works perfectly in low light conditions. Sony A7S was the favorite camera of Jon Olsson right before he started using Panasonic GH5.

4K video mode, compact and slim shape, and also 5-axis image stabilization and a lot of other functions make this camera a great deal, but if we talk about the cons, we find this camera a little bit expensive and as everybody knows Sony cameras have battery issues.

Sony A7S II for sure is the winner for making 4k videos and honestly, you should invest in one of these cameras if you want to upgrade your vlogs.

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Source: Jon Osslon YouTube Channel

Jon's Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

Full sensor redout

4K Footage at up to 59.94p and 48p


This camera is actually being used for both professional and famous vloggers but why? This awesome camera provides you the opportunity to record 4k videos with a comparatively small size.

Jon Osslon is actually using this camera a lot because it is so easy to pack that it is almost a portable camera, and also provides better recording video quality compared to other cameras of the same price.

The freezeproof design allows you to make full use of this tool even in the roughest conditions.

Some of the pros would be: 4k video recording, freezeproof and splash-proof design, and connectivity options are available, on the other hand, we got the cons: autofocus needs manual adjustment, not ideal for low light environments. 

Jon Osslon Uses three different lenses with his GH5 camera we bring you a little list of them


-Provides 7-14mm or 12-28mm focal length.

-Ultra-wide zoom.


-Comes with a large diameter of F/1.7

-85Focal lenght-


-Large lens with a focal lenght of 100-400mm.

Used for making B-roll footages.


Every lens possesses optical image stabilization. 

Alright that’s it.

That was everything about the Jon Osslon equipment, thank you for reading see you in a click!



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