Jake Paul was born on January 17 1997, he started his career during the time of Vine App making fun videos and jokes, right after Vine was done he moved all his content to the YouTube platform, Jake Paul releases his first video on youtube on 17 of January 2017 announcing that he was about to create daily content for teen entertaining with a 1.000.000$ of investments on his project from different business partners, called Team 10.

But he’s also well known because of his appearance in the Disney Channel’s series Bizaardvark playing the role of Dirk Mann, he’s also a professional boxer with a record of 2-0 he’s a good friend of Mike Tyson.

Jake is actually using a Sony A7S II as his main camera, because as we said before this camera gives you a lot of tools to work with being also really comfortable to pack.


Jake Paul Sony A7S II

Source: Jake Paul's YouTube Channel

Jake Paul Main Camera

Sony a7s II

In-Body Image Stabilization

Ligh-weight, the perfect pick for any trip

We have been talking a lot about the Sony A7S II lately but that’s because most of the vloggers are actually using this camera because of its many features, for this one specific we are going to focus on the specifications.

Internal UHD 4K recording 

-S-log 3 (in addition to S-log 2)

-Gamma Display Assistant (allows you to monitor your flat S-log 2 or 3 image in a more vivir Rec 709 way)

-Internal IBIS stabilization system (5-Axis SteadyShot) 

-A possibility to charge the camera via the USB port 

Being able to record slow-motion in two different ways this camera is a great option for almost every content creator.

-Reduced rolling

-Reduced rolling shutter 

-Higher OLED EVF resolution 

-Additional Custom-Key button 

-Fully customizable menu 

After hours of testing this camera we actually love every aspect of this little thing, it’s actually really impressive how the manufacturers put so much effort into creating this awesome camera, it’s slowly starting to become our favorite tool to work with.

Rode VideoMicPro 

Using a microphone it’s really important if you need to catch those sounds that are usually difficult to hear, we as skaters understand the importance of the sound that the skates make while your riding it or making some tricks, that’s why you’ll need a powerful microphone 

-A true shotgun microphone designed for camcorders DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as primary and reference audio 

-The ½’’ condenser capsule provides broadcast-quality audio via a 3.5mm connector with an incredibly low self-noise of just 14db 

-The Rycote Lyre based shock mounting system provides isolation from external factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations.

-Compact form factor (150mm/6’’ length)

The Rode VideoMic is a compact and lightweight on-camera microphone, ideal for professional setups, it is designed to be used with camcorders, SLR cameras, and portable audio receivers.

Rode VideoMic Pro

Source: Ryan Gracia's YouTube Channel

Jake's Mic

Rode VideoMic Pro

High quality audio recording

Ideal to catch those lower sounds that you need

It’s actually impressive how this mic is light, when we first grab it we thought something was missing, this 85g microphone it’s extremely light and comfortable, with the 9V battery that power the mic this item has a total weight of 120, which is still not too much heavy for a mic of its size.

With the controls on the rear of the mic you have and easy access to them, providing a really comfortable user experience.


-Compact, lightweight, and stunning design 

-Good balance of sound quality and price 

-Excellent off-axis noise rejection 

-20dB setting useful for most the noisy cameras

-Convenient long battery life


-The new mount is less tolerant of extreme movement than the original mount 

Traditional Shotguns can provide you a really good experience too but when we talk about relatively close work the Rode Videomic Pro is definitely the best option because of its weight and many other features.

If we talk about the new improvements there are a lot of new things that came to make everything better like the reduction of its size that clearly makes it more efficient to pack and portable.

Jake Paul’s GoPro (Hero 8 Black) 

Gopro Hero 8 Black

Source: Jake Paul's YouTube Channel

Jake Paul GoPro

We already talk a lot about this camera and it’s probably we know that most of the vlogger out there are actually using these cameras because of all the tools that they can provide to your content so we bring you the most important specifications of this camera: 

Some of the new features are:

-HyperSmooth 2.0

-TimeWarp 2.0

-Live burst photos

-Improved HDR 

-Better low light image processing

-RAW photos

-100Mbps bitrate for 4K and 2.7K

-Capture presets

Build and handling:

-Twice the shock-resistant 

-In-built mount 

-Front-facing mic

-Improved audio with resistance 

-1-2 hours of continuous battery life

-3h charge time

This GoPro model is way better than the model before, and it’s because GoPro actually added a lot of new features on this one, making it so powerful and light that it simply became the first pick to everyone that basically needed a little but powerful camera for risky shoots or something like that.

The battery lasts around 50 minutes if you’re continuously shooting at 4k or 2.7k at high frame rates, but you can stretch that out to make more time like 2 hours or something like that in lower-resolution footage

The GoPro Hero 8 is not the most advanced camera anymore, because we already have the powerful GoPro Hero 9 but if you’re looking for a cheaper but still good option we actually recommend the GoPro Hero 8 because there is just a few differents with his big brother the Hero 9

That being said, we highly recommend you to buy the GoPro Hero 8.

Thank You For Reading!

Jake said himself you don’t need too much to start vlogging so buy what you need and start your own adventure! See you in the next post



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