Erwan Heussaff was born on January 10, 1987 (age 33) in Makati Philippines. Being a youtube rising star he’s well known because of his awesome videos about cooking and traveling, His nationalities are French and Philippine.

He is perhaps best known because of his popular series The Fat Kid Inside and his frequent cooking recipes and tutorials too. 

As a teenager his weight was around 108kg because of the lifestyle he was having back in the day, then he started to work out and lose over 90 pounds, which inspired him to create his vlog in June of 2012.

When we talk about this vlog is really easy to talk about the equipment because you actually don’t need too much to start your own cooking vlog but we do recommend you to invest in good equipment because this says no one wants to see anything with low-quality video,

Erwan recommends on his website ‘’DO invest in good quality equipment’’.

We know that Erwan Heussaff it’s actually using a Sony A7S II as his main camera so we are going to talk about this beautiful camera first.

Erwan Heussaf Main Camera

Source: Erwan Heoussaff YouTube Channel

Erwan's Sony Camera

Sony a7s II

In-Body Image Stabilization

Awesome footage in almost every scenario

Sony A7S II 

As we say before, here at The Unboxings we actually love Sony cameras because we work with them, which is why we are going to give you the best recommendations for using these awesome cameras on your different camps. 

The Sony A7S II is one of the best shooting cameras out there at the moment.

This camera is for:

-Super-high ISO ISO 409.600 maximum

-Internal 4K video recording 

-AF system good in low light

This camera is against:

-Video record button not ideally placed

-Expensive and specialist

-8-bit rather than 10 or 12-bit video

This camera like the A7 II and the A7R is actually really comfortable to hold, with most controls being easy to reach, this camera is tougher than the original model, reinforced lens mount and more magnesium alloy, it’s also waterproof.

Sony incorporates some new updates in this camera to fight the previous critics of the oldest models some of the new features on this camera are:

-Bigger grip

-Shutter release forward on to the top of the grip

-More standard semi-recessed type dial.

Unfortunately, the video record button is still on the corner of the thumb grip on the back of the camera and it’s awkward to locate and press when holding the camera, But you are free to relocate this button because of the plenty of customization options.

Here at The Unboxing’s studio, The Mark II camera scored about the same or slightly worse than the original mode for stills, which can be taken as confirmation that the A7S II has been further optimized for video. comparing video footage from the two cameras we can appreciate that there’s not too much difference between these two.

Sony A7S II shoots 120 fps in low light with Zeiss Loxia 21 and Milvus lenses. 

This company already makes higher resolutions A7-series cameras so it’s able to target this one at low light and video photography without the need to compromise it for a wider audience. 

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Source: Erwan Heoussaff YouTube Channel

Erwan Heussaff Portable Camera

GoPro Hero 8 Black

High quality video and also light to pack

The best option to film where you cannot go heavyweight

GoPro Hero 8 Black

We love to see how different people use GoPro because it gives you an endless list of opportunities if you try to make the most out of the camera, filming with different accessories and being able to take this camera literally everywhere we are talking about a lot of opportunities to create content with anything. 

Erwan is currently using the GoPro 8 is almost the latest version of GoPro the Hero 8 give us a lot of features let’s talk about them:

The hero 8 may have a couple of things you can get on its successor, but if you appreciate little details this is gonna be an excellent option for sure.

The 4k video is just as impressive as the Hero 9 Black’s. While the hyper smooth stabilization is almost identical too, this camera improves on others earlier GoPros with its supermax bite rate and 1080p live streaming. 

With excellent image stabilization, time-saving capture presets, unique time-lapse modes, new built-in mount improved microphone, and new media mods, we want to add that it possesses poor low-light performance but that’s a normal issue when we talk about these cameras.

Some of the new features are:

-HyperSmooth 2.0

-TimeWarp 2.0

-Live Burst photos

-Improved HDR

-Better low light image processing 

-RAW photos

-100Mps bitrate for 4K and 2.7K 

-Capture presets

Build and handling features:

-Twice the shock resistance.

-In-built mount.

-Front-facing mic.

-Improved audio-wind resistance.

-1-2 hour continuous battery life

-3h charge time

A lot of people says that it’s better to buy the GoPro 7 because it has a lower price and almost the same features but if you really want to invest and start to produce high quality content small details are important, which is why the Hero 8 is your best option and also we definitely recommend to anyone to take a look about these camera with the Black Fridays offers on this 2020 because its price could reduce in a significant way.

This Erwan Heussaff Drone

Source: Erwan Heoussaff YouTube Channel

Erwan Heussaff Drone


light-weight and confortable

Awesome footage and the perfect price (doesn't include a camera)

Erwan Heussaff Drone

This drone offers aerial tools for cinematographers to get stunning shots using a GoPro action camera, but it possesses a weak GPS and short battery life.

This market has been divided into two distinct segments, Drones with integrated camera systems and those without an integrated camera but allowing use of GoPro action cameras.

This Drone is an example of excellent industrial design, its black frame visually pops against blue and gray skies, and bright light sit under sach strut to help you get a bead on the drone if you are flying it at twilight you’ll get awesome footage. Four landing strus each with gray rubber fot.


-Gimbal stabilizes and powers GoPro.

-Repeatable smart shots.

-Capable of smooth, automated gimbal tilt adjustment.

-Return-to-home safety feature.

-Control app works with both iOS and Android.


-Short Battery Life. 

-Spotty GPS.

-Drifts when hovering.

The remote control is also black, it possesses dual antennae and a clip that can hold a smartphone or a small tablet. it has an integrated LCD that shows status, prompts you to get gimbal sweep setting and display error messages. 

The remote includes the right and left control sticks that you see on any quadcopter remote.

Takeoff is a two-stage process. After GPS is locked in, the remote will prompt you to hold down the fly button to start the Solo’s motors. Once the props are spinning the remote will then prompt you to fly down and again to take off. 

The 3D Robotic Solo is a very smart drone with a lot of features, these include very tight integration with gopro cameras, an excellent control that makes everything really comfortable, and a number of smart shots modes that can add some drama to your aerial video.

Alright that’s it.

Erwan Heussaff equipment isn’t too much thing, get the right equipment, and start sharing your own story! Thanks for reading see you in the next post.



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