Anita Sadowska was born in Dublin Ireland on April 6 in 1992, she’s known for her awesome photography basically specialized in swimwear and streetwear photography.

Her YouTube channel has 259.000 subscribers, and its because shes actually doing amazing work, she also makes a lot of tutorials about how to edit photos and stuff, because of the work that she does most of the time she’s using a single camera and a few lenses, so we bring you Anita’s camera gear:

Sony A7R Mark III

Anita Sadowska Main Camera

Source: Anita's YouTube Channel

Anita Sadowska Sony Camera

Sony definitely went over all the expectations with this camera, being Sony’s latest high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera, this one is battling with Nikon’s recent D850 but we personally -as you already know- prefer Sony’s cameras.

Our first thoughts when we grab this one was that is really similar to its predecessor the Sony A7R II but after a few hours using it we were able to perceive that there’s a lot of improvements on this one, autofocus, faster processing, much larger battery and a lot of other 

The things we like:

  • In-camera charging and power 
  • New pixel shift mode
  • Good Wi-Fi and NFC 
  • 4K and slow-motion 1080p available 
  • Highly customizable controls 
  • Big, great viewfinder 
  • 42.2 image sensor provides greater resolution and dynamic range 
  • Improved JPEG color 
  • 10fps burst shooting 
  • Improved menu organization 
  • Vastly improved battery life 
  • Dual SD card slots 
  • Good autofocus performance 
  • Impressive Eye AF performance 

What we don’t like:

  • Pixel shift mode slower than rivals 
  • Limited support for pixel shift files
  • No PlayMemories app support 
  • No built-in intervalometer 
  • No in-camera RAW conversion
  • Chosen autofocus area it’s hard to see
  • Buttons and dials need more feedback especially with gloves 
  • Only one SD slot supports UHS-II cards 

When we talk about the video the A7R III doesn’t give us any problems, its an extremely capable video camera that offers 4K and 1080p both captures from the full width of the sensor, the slow-motion is impressive too.

At first look, this camera could be a little difficult to set up but after a few days of using it, you’ll get used to it.

We recommend this one for: 

Hybrid stills and video shooters or photographers interested in a versatile tool for a wide range of subjects and also a compáct package.

We do not recommend this one for:

Those that need nothing but the best in autofocus performance or those who require even faster burst speeds.

Anita Sadowska Lens

Source: Anita's YouTube Channel

This lens is only for those who are seeking the highest possible optical performance for portraits, that’s why we saw those amazing results on Anita’s channel, but this lens is not only for professional portraits it could be also for travel or even simple daily street photography.

Dimensions: 8.3 x 5 x 5.5 

Weight: 1.95 pounds 

Focus: manual focus 

What we like: 

  • Ultrasharp especially f/2.8
  • Impressive bokeh 
  • Really fast f/2.8 for low light 
  • Very fast and essentially silent autofocus which is great 
  • Focus lock button 
  • Metal filter thread

What we don’t like: 

  • Heavy weight 
  • Big and uncomfortable 
  • No image stabilizer 
  • No focus or depth-of-field scales 
Alright, that’s all!

If you’re looking forward to starting your own photography career, buy a camera and some lens and start today!



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