Logan Alexander Paul was born in Westlake Ohio on 1 Abril 1995 he is a YouTuber, internet personality, influencer, and boxer as well, he started his career when we were 10 years old creating videos for a YouTube channel called Zoosh, he studied at Westlake High School where he achieves ranks of The Plain Dealer’s All-star linebacker on the football team in 2012 and qualifying for the Ohio High School Athletic Association in 2013 in the wrestling division.

We gain a lot of fain during the Vine App days, creating content for an audience of teenagers and kids, he started to gain a lot of followers on his social media accounts, he majored in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University before dropping out in 2014 to move out to California with others Vine starts to pursue a career of full-time influencer and YouTuber.

Logan has been creating really good quality content these days and that’s because his spending a lot of money on camera gears and equipment, he’s actually using the Red DSMC2 Helium 8k as his main camera, that explain the super high-quality videos that he has in his youtube channel, so let’s talk about this one:



Source: Logan Paul's YouTube Channel

Logan Paul Main Camera

This one is actually a very special one because RED basically put everything that they could inside this little body, since the DSMC2 form factor is standard, accessories from RED and other manufacturers can be easily attached to accessorize your camera. 

Some features are:

  • 8K super 35mm CMOS Sensor 
  • REDCODE RAW ProRes and DNx recording 
  • 8192 x 4320 Recording up to 60 fps 
  • High-speed Recording up to 300 fps in 2K

Just the body alone can cost around 50k which is why we want you to read very carefully all the information that we are going to give you in this post because you could get really nice footage with cheaper options, but a RED camera is a whole different level of high-quality footage, we do understand that.

RED cameras can really provide you stunning resolution and image quality, creating organic and clean images that bring all your footage to life, the HELIUM is no exception to this rule, being able to do everything that the biggest RED’s cameras do, this little one has become one of our favorite options.

The HELIUM sensor takes the next step when we talk about exceeding beauty offered by film, being able to shoot 17x times resolution than HD and over 4x more than 4K.


EFFECTIVE PIXELS: 8192 x 4320 

SENSOR SIZE: 29.90 mm x 15.77 mm (Diagonal: 33.80 mm)

DYNAMIC RANGE: 16.5+ stops

MAX FRAME RATES: 60 fps at 8K Full format (8192 x 4320), 75 fps at 8K 2.4:1 (8192 x 3456)

MAX DATA RATES: Up to 300MB/s using RED MINI-MAG (480GB & 960GB)


GoPro Hero 8 Black

Source: Logan's YouTube Channel

Everybody thinks that you only gonna get good footage if you are a professional athlete or if your work includes the word ‘’extreme’’ but is not like that, there’s a lot of out Editor that actually have normal lives and they are not jumping from a helicopter once a week or surfing enormous waves in Portugal, but they are still able of getting some good footage because this camera is so full of wonderful features that will bring your photos and video to life.


-Improved Image stabilization

-Built-in mounting fingers simplify attachment 

-Customizable interface 

-Several new and updated shooting options 


-Removes built-in HDMI port

-The battery door pops off too easily 

One of the coolest updates of this GoPro model is the image stabilization, the electronic image stabilization on the Hero 8 Black is just amazing, the company basically eliminated the necessity of using a gimbal like the GoPro’s Karma Grip, making your experience more comfortable.

The integrated ‘fingers’ make everything easier because now you’re gonna be able to mount the camera on standard GoPro accessories without needing a frame or cases.



-Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity

-Integrated mounting ‘fingers’ attach directly to GoPro mounts 

-HyperSmooth video stabilization 2.0 

-12MP sensor

-4K/60p 2.7K/120p and 1080/240p video (up to 100 Mbps bit rate)

-H.264 and H.265 codecs

Logan Paul Sony A7S II  

Sony A7S II

Source: Logan Paul's YouTube Channel

Jake Paul Sony A7S II

As you can see Logan is actually using the same camera that his brother is using, the difference is that Logan uses a second camera not as his main like Paul, we have been talking about the Sony A7S II a lot lately, so we decided to make this post a short as possible, you can find more specific information on almost any other post that we have.

This camera is actually really comfortable, we said it before is actually impressive how the put so much technology inside this little brain, we like to shoot a lot with the cameras we’re writing about so the experience that we have with this one, in particular, was excellent, nowadays we actually work with this cameras and it’s our favorite option to travel as well.

Some of the new features are:

-Internal UHD 4K recording 

-S-long 3 (in addition to s-log 2)

-Gamma display assistant (allow you to monitor your flat s-log 2 or 3 image in a more vivid Rec 709 way)

-Internal IBIS stabilization system (5-Axis SteadyShot)

-The possibility to charge the camera via USB port 

-The possibility to assign ‘’REC’’ to other buttons than the awkwardly placed rec button

-100fps (PAL), 120fps (NTSC) in HD quality 

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Logan is most of his time inspirating others to joy him on this daily vlogging adventure so, go outside and start your own!



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