Julien Solomita started his vlog in 2013 with his iPhone 5 he started recording while he was on a bike that he bought on eBay until this day he got multiple followers on his vlog.

 He is basically shooting everything he’s doing in his daily life but he does know how to do that, he well knows because of his quality videos of course, and for being making jokes every time and for his crazy hair colors, he also trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He said himself that ‘’the gear is the key component’’ so we bring you Julien Solomita’s Set Up!

These are the cameras and tools that make Julien Solomita’s Vlog, this collection of tools have been proven itself time and time again.

Is not a surprise for any of us that one of the most used cameras for those who are actually doing vlogs is the powerful Sony A7SII, we already talk a lot about this camera in other posts so we are going lightweight on this one.

Sony a7SII

This is Julien Solomita’s Camera:

Source: https://alphauniverse.com/stories/what-s-in-my-bag--my-gear-for-vlogging/

Julien's Camera

Sony a7S II

In-Body Image Stabilization

this camera is a really good option for big shots.

This camera has been Julien Solomita’s favorite way to capture video for just about three years now. he said that he starts recording with this camera in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles to take some traffic time-lapses and random b-roll, while he was understanding how to use his new toy he got this announcement of the Trident II missile lit up in the sky while we have recorded so he pointed his camera to the sky completely in awe knowing that he was capturing something that nobody else had seen yet.

His video was retweeted by Khloe Kardashian and put him in the locals’ news, And while we can’t guarantee you’ll capture a missile on your first day with this awesome camera we highly recommend it.

4K video mode, compact and slim shape and also 5-axis image stabilization and a lot of other functions make this camera a great deal, but if we talk about the cons, we find this camera a little bit expensive and as everybody knows Sony cameras have battery issues.

Sony A7S II for sure is the winner for making 4k videos and honestly, you should invest in one of these cameras if you want to upgrade your vlogs.


-SONY 16-35mm f/2.8 G master lens

-SONY 70-200mm f/2.8 G master lens.

-SONY 24-70mm f/2.8 G master lens.


Additional accessories 

-Sony a7 Battery Grip.

-Anker PowerCore Portable Charger.

-Zeiss Camera Cleaning Kit.

-Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip.

-Manfrotto Befree GT Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod.

-GorillaPod Focus Tripod.

-DJI Mavic Drone.

-Small HD Focus On-Camera Monitor.

-Western Digital MyPassport SSD.

-SanDisk SSD Hard Drive.

-Fenix PD 35 Tactical Flashlight.

Julien Solomita it’s basically using his Sony a7SII all the time which is why we are going to talk more about the accessories in this post, or at least the more important ones.

Sony a7 Battery Grip: 

If you are shooting for a long period of time this grip is one thing less to be worried about, it brings a few more features aside the power. Being actually very comfortable to grab it since the ‘selfie’ position, and a set of buttons on the bottom for shooting more easily, autofocus and exposure options.

Zeiss Camera Cleaning Kit: 

We as professional photographs actually understand a lot about how important it is to have your camera clean every time in every situation you might need it, which is why we highly recommend the Zeiss Camera Cleaning Kit, a lens wipe and dust removal air tools is something you won’t regret having on your bag. 

Anker PowerCode Portable Charger:

If you don’t have external energy for your phone, camera or headphones during a time-lapse or something like that you’re going to have a frustrating day for sure, This anker actually retains power longer that any other power bank that you already use before so we highly recommend this one too.

Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip: 

For this one we are going to use Julien Solomita’s words ‘’If  John Wick was a vlogger, he’d use this clip. You can attach your camera to your hip or backpack in an instant and you’ll never go back to holding it in your hand between shots like a troglodyte.’’ that being said we do not need to tell you why this is so important.

This is Julien Solomita’s drone:

Source: Julien Solomita's YouTube Channel

Julien Solomita's Drone

DJI Mavic Pro

Awesome flying experience

Updated in almost every aspects of new controllers and more



We are huge fans here of the DJI drones, If you are looking for an intermediate drone that’s easy to fly but still capable of capturing great footage then you need a DJI’s Drone.

Full of technology, great camera system, and still cost under a grand, even if you add necessary extras like multiple batteries.  


-Good connectivity between controller and drone.

-Big image sensor.

-Great photo modes


-Image quality still behind higher-end models

-Heavier and larger than older versions 

-Autonomous flight modes not as advanced as other drones.

Another big change (and we actually talking about a big change) is the new controller, it’s basically bigger than any other DJI controller made before, excluding the optional $749 smart controller, this controller it’s actually the change that all the DJI users were asking about, so we consider important to mention.

In conclusion, this drone comes with significant upgrades over its predecessor.

Alright that’s it.

Julien Solomita it’s a simple guy who takes the most out of the tools he’s actually working with, hopefully, you’ll do the same! that was all on this post thanks for reading I’ll see you on our net post!



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