Everybody wants to enjoy life right? but what about enjoy life as Jamie O’Brien does? as he says: he was fortunate as a child to grow up near the Banzai Pipeline right? but what if we could do the same things that he does at pipeline but instead in deferent locations? we’ll need the same equipment that he uses of course but thanks to our time, that’s no longer something to be worried about.

Jamie O’Brien as a surfer needs to use really small cameras, so what would be our nest option for this kind of cameras, GoPro of course, Jamie has been using GoPros since the very first beginning, currently, he’s using a GoPro 8 but do we really need to have the latest GoPro so we can have the same results that he has? the answer is no.

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Jamie O’Brien’s paparazzi its currently using the Sony A7 III which it’s an smart option these days to take big shoots

This is Jamie O’Brien Camera:

Source: THE BEST RIVER SESSION... - The Poopies Channel - 0:07 - YouTube

Jamie O'Brien Camera

Sony a7 III

In-Body Image Stabilization

Updated in almost every way makes this camera a really good option for big shots.

We have been looking into Jamie’s paparazzi and we perceive that their first option when it comes to big cameras is the Sony A7 III with his 24.42MP and 3in tilting touchscreen, this camera offers a lot of options to get awesome shorts or even high quality videos if we need it.

It might not have the power of the Sony A9 II but the Sony A7 III is actually a really good option if we are planning to buy a professional camera for a reasonable price.

With a continuous shooting speed of 10fps and Max video resolution of 4K this camera became the favorite choice of a lot of photo artists and filmmakers. 

Handling this camera it’s actually comfortable though some people may find its body a little bit small, the majority of the reviews on the internet tells us that the people that are actually using them are having a positive experience.

GoPro Hero5 Session


Source: GoPro Surf: Jamie O'brien Lights... - 0:04 - YouTube

Jamie's Portable Camera

GoPro Hero5 Session

High quality video and also light to pack

This is the favorite option of Jamie when we talk about dificult spots to shot in.

There’s a lot of shots that require really little cameras when we talk about surfing waves or something else, it’s in that specific moment when the gopro session appears.

It may not offer a lot of options or the possibility to access immediately to your photos through the screen like its big brothers, but it’s still a really smart choice when we are talking about packing light and smart.

If we are talking about hobbies you could probably think that you are going to spend a lot of money but if you see it from the point of view of the person who actually wants to work with this, you’ll realize that it’s more like an investment.

This is Jamie’s Main GoPro:


Source: WALL SURFING IN BRAZIL - 8:15 - YouTube

Jamie's Main GoPro

GoPro Hero8 Black

A waterproof powerful option

When the situation gets to dificult but you just want to do it, this is definetely the best option

Jamie O’Brien uses a GoPro Hero8 black which is a really nice option when we talking about buying a camera that won’t give us any problem if we want to shot easily, besides its has this amazing traditional design that make us think about the very first models, great video quality and plenty of modes made this camera so special.

When we see Jamie’s olders videos we could see a few previous models of GoPros that could also be a really good idea if you are planning to shoot in 720 or 2018p.

It’s drone’s time!

This is Jamie’s drone:


Source: Jamie O’Brien Got Barreled... - Surfer.com

Jamie's Drone

DJI Phantom 4

Better image quality, more advance obstacle avoidance.

super-powered drone with an upgrade for the smartphone controller.

Jamie has been up to this drone stuff since the very first beginning if you see Jamie’s videos there’s a lot of Drone flyings all the time, and it’s because the drone provides us less preoccupations if we want to film someone riding a big wave or a small one, Jamie loves to play with these things, back to 2015 he surfed and entire wave at Teahupoo holding a drone with his hands to release it after he escaped the barrel, we almost secure that the drone he uses is the DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drone

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