We decided to talk about YCImaging because everybody knows him because of the work he’s doing with minimalist resources, producing some beautiful footage and high-quality videos. We know him because of his amazing YouTube channel about cameras and differences between them, he also had some great videos about how to make money being a filmmaker.

He’s actually using some heavy equipment which means that can be a little bit expensive but as Chrystopher said himself ‘’you should get the best camera for YOUR work, not the lastest but the best for whatever you’re doing.’’ so we actually recommend you to do that, now that being said, let’s get into the YCImaging’s camera gear.

YCImaging Canon C200

Source: YCImaging's YouTube Channel

YCImaging Main Camera

Canon C200

Cinema Series

8K, 4K video excellent performance

This camera is definitely Canon’s best camera since they entered into the cinema market, being absolutely comfortable to grab this camera offers the opportunity to shoot 4K RAW the Canon C200 also offers MP4 with a compression of 150 Mbps.


  • SUPER35 CMOS sensor & active EF mount 
  • Advanced Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus with touch screen and face detect 
  • 5 Internal ND filters (up to ND 10)
  • HDMI and SDI outputs 
  • XLR inputs on the body
  • Proxy Recording onto SD card  

On paper, the Canon EOS C200 seems to solve all the problems that they had in the past, and also preventing DSLR and C100 user from moving to the C300, let’s talk about the highlights 


  • The Canon C200 uses the same CMOS sensor as the C300 mkll, but features more advanced Dual Pixel Auto Focus, including toucheable AF on the LCD screen.
  • The dynamic range is similar to the C300
  • It has two XLR inputs and audio knobs on the body itself, which means accessories such as a handle or monitor unit are not essential when using an XLR phantom powered microphone. 
  • There are HDMI and SDI outputs, and it uses the same batteries as the C300 mkll but it comes with a more portable single battery charger.
  • There are 5 internal ND filters which is great because it means never having to worry about ND filters in front of your lenses, and buying different sizes for every lens filter diameter. 
  • Both the LCD screen and EVF are much improved in their resolution and clarity 
  • This camera comes in an alternative package, called the C200B, which is built without an EVF in order to be more compact for gimbal and remote use, and to be more able for users customizations.

YCImaging second-hand camera (Canon EOS R)

Canon EOS R

Source: YCImaging's YouTube Channel

YCImaging's second-hand camera

Canon EOS R

Great Design

touch screen and face detect

It’s actually kinda obvious why so many people are using this camera, the EOS R’s 30.0MP sensor, Digic 8 processor and RF lenses deliver beautiful and formidable image quality.

Despite being older than the Sony AR7 III the Canon EOS R offers a solid quality image, but if we talk about low light footage this camera is not the best option for you.

‘’A capable but conservative full-frame mirrorless camera.’’ It was launched in 2028 and received a few critics but two years later with a lower price tag, everybody is in love with this one. 


  • Great control customization 
  • 5,655(!) Focus positions 
  • Fully articulating screen 
  • M-Fn Bar 


  • No in-body stabilization
  • Cropped 4K video 
  • Single SD card slot
  • M-Fn Bar

This is the first full-frame mirrorless camera to use the powerful new RF mount. its built around exactly the same 30 megapixel Dual Pixels CMOS sensor, Canon actually says the RF lens mount will allow them to design better or smaller lenses than they can for the existing EF mount.


  • 30MP full-frame sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus 
  • 3.69M dot OLED viewfinder
  • Fully articulated rear LCD 
  • Autofocus rated down to -6EV 
  • Up to 8 fps shooting (5 fps with continuous AF, 3fps ‘Tracking Priority mode’  
  • UHD 4K 30p video from a 1.8x crop of the sensor 
  • Canon Log (10-bit 4:2:2 over HDMI or 8-bit 4:2:0 internal)
  • USB charging (with some chargers)

The EOS R gives an excellent impression when you grab it, the whole camera feels really solid and immediately gives you that sensation of being holding a professional camera, we have been shooting with this camera for a long period of time and besides the lack of in-body stabilization there not to much we can complain about.

YCImaging Studio Lights 


Source: YCImaging's YouTube Channel

YCImaging Studio Lights

With the fresnel 2x the LS 300x can produce over 65.000 lux at 1 meter, creating a stunningly bright light, with CCT control always at your fingertips. By having the ability to use lensed modifiers like the fresnel 2x or the spotlight mount, in addition to soft light modifiers like the Light Dome II, you can achieve extreme lighting precision to match any shooting environment. 

Flexible Bi-color range The 300x is the first of many Aputure lights to utilize the expanded CCT range of 2700K-6500K, going beyond traditional bicolor, allowing you to produce light that is warmer than the typical tungsten fixtures, and cooler than conventional daylight (D55).


  • 2700-6500K Tunable white point
  • Smooth 0%-100% Dimming control 
  • Up to 65,000+ lux with the Fresnel 2X
  • CRI & TLCI scores of  95+
  • SSI Scores Higher Than The Industrial Standard, Tungsten: SSI: 85; D55 SSI: 74
  • Preset button to toggle between common CT presets (2700K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K)
  • 4 Dimming curves: linear, exponential, logarithmic & S-curve 
  • Single Battery (50%) or dual battery (100%) Operation
  • Firmware Upgradeable 
  • 9 Built-in FX w/ CCT Control: Paparazzi, Strobe, Lighting, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Fireworks, Explosion & Fire.
  • User presets available via App control DMX512 Compatible 
  • Sidus Mesh Technology 
  • Compatible with Sidus Link App & 2.4Ghz Remote
  • 55° Hyper Reflector for increased Output All-in-one Silent control box.

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Now you just need to find the space in your house and start building your own home-studio, see you in a click!



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