Alex Meliss Sony A7 III

Source: Alex Meliss YouTube Channel

Alex Meliss Camera

Sony a7 III

In-Body Image Stabilization

Updated in almost every way makes this camera a really good option for big shots.

Alex Meliss Main Camera

Taking a look on Alex’s blog you’ll find beautiful footage and the most stunning thing about his vlog is that he’s actually filming with very basic equipment but investing a lot of his time on the making working on his edition for a long period of time.

Alex Mellis is a great skier using his ability to capture some sick videos and photos doing backflips and stuff like that we do not recommend to anyone to do this kind of things if you don’t have the ability and experience to do it, but what we do recommend you its to read this post, get the equipment you need and go outside to shoot right after.

We do know that Alex is using the Sony a7 III most of the time, you don’t need to watch a lot of his videos to understand that he’s creating really good content, we bring you the Alex Meliss equipment.

If we talk about the Sony A7 III design we’ll find a lot of interesting things, We find it quite comfortable to hold, even if you’re using a large zoom like the FE 100-400mm, the body is also protected against dust and splashes same as all Sony FE lenses.

Sony has been criticized for its complex menu system, The Sony a7 III includes some tools to help you reduce stress while you’re trying to get the setting you want. The menu is fully customizable which means that you can add any adjust for quick access.

We do know that Alex loves to shoot on sunsets and most of the time trying to use the light as a tool which is why we highly recommend this camera for that kind of shooting, with a large variety of lens you’ll find a lot of tools to work with.

The Sony a7 III uses a Z battery, introduced in the a9 and also used by the a7R III rated for 650 images per charge, we always recommend having an external power source with you in every case it doesn’t matter the camera you decided to use, because battery life is not a problem that only Sony is being criticized about.

This camera has a 3.5mm headphone jack, two USB ports (one USB-C and one micro USB), as well a micro HDMI, and also a 3.5mm microphone input.

Talking about the performance and autofocus The a7 III starts focuses and fires in about 2.2 seconds, that’s an area where the Sony a7 III is not a heavyweight contender, being behind of the Canon EOS 6D MARK II (0.4second) and Nikon D750 (0.4 seconds too). Its autofocus system it’s actually kind of fast, being able to lock on 0.5 seconds in bright light and an average of 0.4 seconds in very dim conditions. 


-4K HDR video

-Flat profiles availables.

-Focus joystick.

-Dual SD slots.

-Tilting touch LCD.

-24 MP full frame BSI sensor.

-10fps with tracking.


-Screen not true very angle.

-Only one card slot is UHS-II.

-No in-body flash

-Omits PC sync socket.

-Dense menu system.

-Shooting buffer must clean to start video.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Source: Alex Meliss YouTube Channel

Alex Portable Camera

GoPro Hero 8 Black

High quality video and also light to pack

The best option to film where you cannot go heavyweight

GoPro Hero 8 Black

We love to see how different people use GoPro because it gives you an endless list of opportunities if you try to make the most out of the camera, filming with different accessories and being able to take this camera literally everywhere we are talking about a lot of opportunities to create content with anything. 

Alex is currently using the GoPro 8 is almost the latest version of GoPro the Hero 8 give sus a lot of features let’s talk about them:

The hero 8 may have a couple of things you can get on its successor, but if you appreciate little details this is gonna be an excellent option for sure.

The 4k video is just as impressive as the Hero 9 Black’s. While the hyper smooth stabilization is almost identical too, this camera improves on others earlier GoPros with its supermax bite rate and 1080p live streaming. 

With excellent image stabilization, time-saving capture presets, unique time-lapse modes, new built-in mount improved microphone, and new media mods, we want to add that it possesses poor low-light performance but that’s a normal issue when we talk about these cameras.

Some of the new features are:

-HyperSmooth 2.0

-TimeWarp 2.0

-Live Burst photos

-Improved HDR

-Better low light image processing 

-RAW photos

-100Mps bitrate for 4K and 2.7K 

-Capture presets

Build and handling features:

-Twice the shock resistance.

-In-built mount.

-Front-facing mic.

-Improved audio-wind resistance.

-1-2 hour continuous battery life

-3h charge time

A lot of people says that it’s better to buy the GoPro 7 because it has a lower price and almost the same features but if you really want to invest and start to produce high-quality content small details are important, which is why the Hero 8 is your best option and also we definitely recommend to anyone to take a look about this camera with the Black Fridays offers on this 2020 because its price could reduce in a significant way.

This is Alex Meliss Drone

Source: Alex Meliss YouTube Channel

Alex Meliss Drone

Alex Meliss Drone (DJI Mavic Mini)

We know that Alex is actually flying a DJI drone, why is everyone using DJI’s drones? because they are the best so far and we (once again) are going to explain to you why:

Is this one we’re going to talk about the Mavic Mini being really easy to pack, This drone gives us a lot of really nice features, DJI Mavic Mini is way more impressive than the DJI’s previous effort with the tiny drone, It can’t shoot at 4K but you can shoot at 2.7K video thought, which works quite good for most of us, the Mavic Mini is very light very portable, which makes it perfect for those who are traveling all the time to different places and different conditions, The exact weight at takeoff is 249 grams. 

If you are going on a trip and you’re planning to throw the Mavic Mini in your backpack remember something: the controller adds another 249 grams and it’s basically the same size as the drone, so the total pack would be around 1 pound, that’s impressive considering that the Mavic Mini already gives us one of the best fly experience we’ve had, it’s impressive how something so little can provides you a really comfy flying experience.

Battery life is around 26 minutes in our tests, the wind and temperature will always be important factors when we talk about flying drones, in most of our testing temperatures went from 35 to 60 degrees which might be why we got less than 30 minutes. DJI says: Lithium batteries do not like cold weather.


-Small, light.

-Solid camera features for the price.

-Impressive nearly 30 minutes flying time.

-No need to register with the FAA. Just plain fun to fly


-USB-A charging.

-Lack of ActiveTrack mode feels like deliberate crippling. 

-No RAW image capture available.

-So small that it can be difficult to find in the sky


Source: Alex Meliss YouTube Channel

Alex Meliss Monopod

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Better image quality

The smartest option for taking great footage using only your smartphone


Alex Meliss take awesome footage in Dubai using only his iPhone X and the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, being really easy to use this monopod became one of our favorites on the list, we are going to talk about a few characteristics of this awesome tool 

The Osmo Mobile 2 works with the best camera that you always have with your smartphone, the company really makes a lot of updates since their previous model when we first saw the prototype at CES 2015. 

The Osmo Mobile 2 is a great three-axis-gimbal, mounted permanently to what is clearly a grip for comfortable hand-holding.



-Long battery life

-Works with most smartphones

-Very effective video stabilization

-Time-lapse Hyperlapse and panoramic stitching modes.

-Supports Android and iOS 


-App omits 24fps capture for video.

-Low-resolution output for stitched panoramas

-Some exposure inconsistency when making panoramas 

-Internal battery isn’t replaceable

Alright that’s it.

For now…

Now that you already got the precise amount of information go outside and get those professional shots

Thank you for reading, see you in a click!



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